There is no further development being done on MAEviz; however, development continues with the Ergo consortium. The current build of MAEviz is not supported. Please download the latest version of Ergo at Ergo download page

Download MAEviz 3.1.1

Download MAEviz 3.1.1 Installer for Windows

MAEviz is now under and open source license. Please view the license before installing MAEviz.

The below is the one of daily build. To get the newest (untested) builds, or for linux and mac versions, go to the updated daily builds .

Daily builds

An installer with no sample data is also available. Please see the release notes for details about what has changed.

What's New?

Previous Version Tutorials Available (in PDF format):

The tutorials created with MAEviz 2.3 are still relevant.

Previous Version Video Tutorials:

For other help or questions, see the FAQ.

To Report Issues:

We have a bug tracker for submitting and following MAEviz Development Issues. You will need to create a new account on the bug tracker to submit bugs.